We believe preschool children learn best while at play in an environment intentionally designed for creativity, exploration, and learning. We utilize Pinnacle Curriculum as the foundation for preschool program. Written by early childhood experts with years of child care experience, Pinnacle Curriculum provides a research-based educational foundation. It is designed to assist teachers with program planning that encourages children to develop their emerging skills in all developmental areas (socio-emotional, language, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic). Lessons include hands-on, center-based activities, as well as group and individual time. The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potential as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom.


Our full-day kindergarten program began in the fall of 2015.  Our program offers an affordable, high quality learning experience using a balance of teacher-directed instruction and child-directed learning. Our core curriculum is Starfall, a research based program which meets (and often exceeds) state learning standards and benchmarks.  Students are motivated to learn along with the class mascot, Backpack Bear.  Our low student-teacher ratio reaches students where they are individually and, utilizing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences, helps them make a successful transition from preschool to first grade.  Students thrive in our program which integrates Bible, Reading, Language Arts, Penmanship, Science, Social Studies, Math, Music, Art, and Physical Education in our daily lessons.  Off-campus field trips provide opportunities to expand the learning experience and practice developing social skills. Students participate in a bridging ceremony during the end-of-the-year musical performance.

Before & After School Care

Our Before & After School Care program offers a structured yet relaxed environment where students are able to prepare for their day, unwind after their school day, interact with friends, work on homework, and participate in other activities – including physical exercise and Bible study.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp program is nine weeks of structured, thematic activities created to engage children through the summer months. Activities include arts and crafts, music, bike and helmet day, science experiments, special visitors and entertainment, cooking, water play, tasty treats, and field trips (school age only).